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About Us

Changing the narrative

 for a confident woman, for a confident child.

We are a forward thinking brand with a social business model that believes in the power of positive action and invests the profits from our Sea & Earth Collection. 

When you purchase a pair of earrings it contributes to a bigger purchase of hearing aid devices which start at £1000 each. But only that it helps maintain the K-Iam Able project working with youth with hearing impairment. 

Why? In the heart of the brand lies a value for greater responsibility towards improving the life of Hearing impaired Young people.
The Founder, speaks five languages and it is precisely because of that gift, that her heart warms towards those who cannot make their voice heard.  January this year she went to Dakar and implemented a 18 -week program to improve the way in which young people with Special Needs are taught in school. The K-IamAble project stands as an empowering term. Rather than calling the children Disabled, we highlight that their impairment does not disable them from many other skills they can develop.
Why are the earrings the main products? 
They are the closest thing to your ear, and link with our mission to yearly provide Hearing aid devices to our young students in Dakar, Senegal & Inhambane, Mozambique.
KMABEL wants to give you fashion that does not cause hurt, from reducing the carbon footprint to using sustainable management methods.
It aims to empower its customers to embrace reality, to seek knowledge and understand that it is up to all of us as a community to extend a hand to break down inequality in the education of those with Special Needs. And why not do that through something we universally love so much, Fashion.