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About Us

Welcome to the K-IamAble Project,
where every purchase of our earrings spreads joy and support. Each pair contributes to sponsoring hearing aid devices, valued at approximately £1000 each, making a significant impact in the lives of both a loved one and a hearing-impaired teenager.
Your support doesn't just stop there – it actively maintains our commitment to empowering youth with hearing impairments through the K-IamAble Project.
Join us in gifting smiles and creating meaningful change.
Discover the heart of our brand, rooted in a commitment to greater responsibility and the improvement of young lives with hearing impairments. Our Founder, fluent in five languages, passionately advocates for those who struggle to make their voices heard. In January 2019, she pioneered an 18-week program in Dakar, transforming the educational experience for young people with special needs. The K-IamAble Project is more than a name; it's an empowering perspective. We refrain from labeling children as "disabled" and instead focus on showcasing their diverse abilities beyond their impairments. Join us on a journey of impact and empowerment.
Why are the earrings the main products? 

They're not just accessories; they're a direct connection to our mission. By choosing earrings, the closest adornment to your ears, you play a pivotal role in our yearly initiative to provide hearing aid devices to young students in Dakar, Senegal, and Inhambane, Mozambique.

KMABEL is dedicated to offering fashion without harm, addressing environmental concerns through reduced carbon footprint and sustainable management methods. We empower our customers to embrace reality, seek knowledge, and recognize the communal responsibility to bridge educational inequalities for those with special needs. Join us in using the universal love for fashion as a powerful tool to break down barriers and foster positive change.