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How often do we hear about Fairtrade practices, production ethics, cruelty-free methods and sustainable materials in Fashion? We are part of the ones that want to positively influence how you shop and inspire other companies to do better.


Let us tell you about Fast fashion: rather than it being just a category, fast fashion is a model of mass-producing cheaply made, ‘of-the-moment’ items that are sold at a lower price point.  They’re also deliberately made to have a short life-span (breaking down or shrinking in the wash) and therefore replaced very quickly with newer and trendier items.

Transparency is the first step towards a more sustainable business, life, and world and we think that you have the right to comprehensive and accurate information about how a brand impacts on people, planet, and animals! But also the duty to choose to do the right thing.

Good can be done at a micro level, which means even just the way you shop. For example, you deciding to buy local products produced in your city reduces your carbon footprint. How simple?

We are a humanitarian brand.

The humanitarian sector has its reputation from being about big, centralised organisations that come in and save the day.

However, we believe that needs to change to networked individuals solving their own problems with their own resources.

Because " there's enough cake for us all to eat"

Brands can help bring about this change by shifting the spotlight from ‘the power of the organisation’ to ‘the potential of the individual’.

The future is ours now in the present tense, not in 10 years time.




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